FAQs for Volunteers

Q: Do I need any prior computer/iPad knowledge in order to volunteer?

A: Not at all, we have many positions that do not require you to know how to use an iPad or a computer.

Q: Will I receive training before I volunteer?

A: With our recent changes to our recruitment process, ALL of our volunteers will have to go through a mandatory informational/training orientation to get them started. You will have to go through this orientation before you can sign up for different opportunities.

Q: How frequent are the workshops?

A: The number of workshops we host depends on the senior communities. Sometimes the demand for workshops is higher and sometimes it is less frequent.

Q: Do I need to bring my own computer/tablet computers/devices?

A: Although not required, we recommend our volunteers to bring their own devices to help with teaching. Some senior communities will be able to provide the necessary equipment for the workshops and most seniors bring their own devices.

Q: Can I receive volunteer hours from Tech Easy?

A: Definitely! We will keep track of the volunteer hours.

Q: How do you guys keep track of your volunteers and their hours?

A: We use a volunteer management software called Better Impact. It allows us to stream-line our recruitment/training process and help us keep track of our volunteers. We can provide reports on the volunteer and their hours.

Q: Can my friends join me to volunteer?

A: Volunteering with a group of friends is always fun. We only ask that they register and attend our info/training oreintation before joining the workshops.

FAQs for Senior Communities

Q: Do senior participants need any prior computer/iPad knowledge in order to attend the lessons?

A: No, the whole point of this organization is to encourage seniors to try out new computer technology and to familiarize with it.

Q: How can I get Tech Easy volunteers to host a workshop at our location?

A: Email us at info@techeasyfoundation.org and we will try to get workshops started!