Microsoft Executive Reception & Grand Opening

On August 5th, Tech Easy was invited to Microsoft's Executive Reception to celebrate the Grand Opening of their Pacific Center store the following day. I (Charmaine), along with Brandon and Bowen were beyond excited to show up at this event, and we were definitely not disappointed. To begin with, everyone there was incredibly friendly. Being able to share our interest in technology with like-minded individuals was such a valuable experience. 


Not only did we meet tons of admirably successful people, we also learnt a lot about Microsoft's new technology. The staff in store were so kind. They taught us all about the new laptops, Surface Pro tablets, and of course, Windows 10. They were so in depth with the product demos, Brandon actually bought a Surface Pro 3 for himself right on the spot.


The day after, August 6th, was the Grand Opening / Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. I showed up at Pacific Center and immediately saw a huge line up, going all around the mall. It was so wonderful to see how excited everyone was to get their hands on the new goodies. After signing in and getting a little badge, I went to the front of the store where there was a viewing area. There was a countdown before the store opened. It was the most energy-filled opening ever. The radiating positive energy is all due to an amazing team working at Microsoft. They have so much team spirit, perhaps we will be just like them some time soon. 


Thanks again for the opportunity, Microsoft! Congratulations!